We have a range of activities to keep you occupied during your visit to the Aye-Aye Forest Camp. Whether you’re an avid birder or nature lover, or a scientist studying lemurs and their habitats, our nature reserve will keep you in awe for days. You can also learn more about our community through cultural or agricultural visits, or relax on the beach after a calming massage.

Each group of guests will be assigned their own private guide who will be available to you for activities on your time. Whether you want to look for birds at sunrise, spend a whole day searching for wildlife on the reserve, or make a visit to the local community, it's your choice: your guide will be ready when you are!

We will do our best to make it your perfect vacation.



Spend a half or full day wandering through the primary and secondary forest of our private reserve, looking for lemurs, birds, chameleons, geckos and other native wildlife. Admire the beautiful canarium trees, the endangered rosewood and ebony trees, epiphytes and other flora in the forest.


Nocturnal lemurs, such as the aye-aye, sportive, mouse and wooly lemurs are best spotted on a walk after sunset. We scour the trees for eyes reflected back from the beams from provided flashlights. Chameleons make great photo ops illuminated against a black background. If we’re lucky, we might find a scops owl or a tenrec.


Spend some quiet time in the early morning or late afternoon with your guide looking for some of the special birds that live in the reserve such as the Madagascar ibis or the beautifully coloured paradise flycatcher. With luck, we'll find the helmet or bernier's vanga. More than 90 species have been identified. Make sure to bring your binoculars!


Look for local flora and fauna as we explore an area that has been restored through reforestation. Follow the river to the 10m Navana waterfall, and enjoy a refreshing swim.


Experience some of Madagascar's Malagasy culture and friendly people by visiting the nearby village of Ambodivohangy. Meet a local farmer who will explain how local crops such as vanilla and coffee are grown, and take you on a tour of the rice paddies. Visit the women-led community tree nursery which will be used to reforest the community. Enjoy traditional singing and dancing, watch how the locals weave hats or baskets, and support the local economy with your purchase of hand-made gifts.

NOSY FANIHY AND MANGABE  (min. 2 people, included with minimum 3-night stay)

Get an early start and boat to the island of Fanihy, where flying foxes are active before the heat of the day. Then head to Nosy Mangabe, a jewel of the Antongil Bay area. Part of the Masoala National Park, the island is famous for its hilly terrain, primary rainforest, protected wildlife and a 17th century tribal tomb. Look for the black and white ruffed lemurs, the only place to see them in the Antongil Bay area, white-fronted brown lemurs, the camouflaged leaf-tailed gecko and a brookesia micro-chameleon, the second smallest chameleon in the world.


Leave a legacy in the reserve. Meet with one of the locals who maintains the tree nurseries, who will point out the native trees such as rosewood, ebony, canarium or the slow-growing nanto hardwood. Identify seedlings shaded by full-grown trees, and transplant them to areas requiring reforestation.


Sit back and enjoy the beauty of the Tena-Andranofotsy river as we float around the island of Andronofotsy. Look out and listen for kingfishers and pratincoles, white and grey heron or egrets and try to spot camouflaged chameleons.

WHALE WATCHING  (July to September; min. 2 people, included with minimum 3-night stay)

Watch humpback whales right from the doorstep of our camp! Listen to their haunting song. From July to September, these gigantic marine mammals migrate from the Antarctic to reproduce in the coastal waters off Madagascar. Venture out by boat to get a closer look at these magnificent creatures breaching, or perhaps swimming with their young.


The Aye-Aye Forest Camp is situated right on the beachfront in a calm bay. After a hot morning activity, cool off with a refreshing swim in the ocean, steps from your bungalow.

MASSAGE  (additional cost)

You're on holiday! So take advantage of your down time and relax while our resident masseuse helps your muscles unwind with you.