With ocean views and primary rainforest steps away, you are truly surrounded by pristine nature.




During your stay, make your home in one of our three spacious bungalows, designed for couples or families. All bungalows are ocean-facing and have verandas for you to enjoy the views.

Technology takes a back seat while you unwind with the local wildlife. Internet is not available in this remote area, however in an emergency we can arrange to have a message sent for you.



Each of our three bungalows have the same layout, and their unique color theme. View the bungalows and their features below.


Volomparassi (purple) bungalow

All bungalows have a master and two smaller beds
accommodating couples or families up to 4 people
Enjoy the ocean view while lying in the master bed
Bungalows have two front and two side windows
providing plenty of fresh air
The two smaller beds are separated by a partition
providing some privacy from the master bed

Maintso (green) bungalow

Each bed has a night-table for personal belongings
and an outlet for charging devices
Bungalows are spacious with vaulted ceilings

Manga (blue) bungalow

Bungalows have two lock-boxes to secure your valuables
Bungalows are constructed from local nanto and ravinela

Additional features

All beds are fitted with mosquito nets
Bungalows have two washroom facilities:
the first one has toilet and sink
The large shower room has hot and cold water
The shower room also has a second sink