A traditional Malagasy meal

All stays at the Aye Aye Forest Camp are inclusive of three meals a day. For full day activities, your guide will bring along a packed lunch.

We offer standard western fare, as well as traditional Malagasy food. You can enjoy the taste of fresh-cooked zebu or fish caught by local fishermen. We can also provide vegetarian meals, and accommodate other special diets. Just let us know ahead of time!

Water in the camp comes from a fresh-water stream. The water entering the guest kitchen passes through a carbon filter, and has been tested against minerals and harmful bacteria. Water served from the kitchen is drinkable.

Soft drinks and alcohol are available for purchase. Bring cash to settle your bar bill at the end of your stay.

Dining times are flexible to your schedule. Whether you want an early start to the day or you'd like to sleep in, or if you arrive a little late from a full day activity, your meals can be arranged at your convenience: just let your guide know.